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I think most of the earlier concern about radial crossing was for 
elevated radials. Lets say you had 16 on/in  ground radials to begin 
with. Adding say another 8 or 16 on top of those would be very unlikely 
to have arcing problems at the crossover points if any.

On other fronts in my book it is always prudent to measure  your feed 
point impedance before adding more radials . Then remeasure every 4 
additional radials or so. Once you get to the point tha there is very 
little change your ham radio budget and time would be more productive 
spent elsewhere. The history on the internet  has dozens of articles 
showing how the laws of diminishing returns apply to ground mounted 
radial lengths and numbers. Also bear in mind while interesting reading 
everyone's soil conditions are different so best in my book to do your 
own measurements as you add radials.

Good luck copper plating your yard


On 11/23/2020 3:41 AM, Stewart Rolfe via TowerTalk wrote:
> Any thoughts on adding additional radials to an existing system which 
> has long since disappeared into the sward? This would inevitably 
> involve a lot of random 'crossings' which I recall reading isn't a 
> great idea.
> 73,
> Stew, GW0ETF
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