[TowerTalk] Site development for HF

Mitch CIW308 VE6OH ssc at andor.net
Mon Dec 21 22:10:46 EST 2020

Let the discussions begin, I am sure most of us are in lock down so this 
is something to ponder.

NARC “The Northern Alberta Radio Club” is in the process of developing 
it’s VE6LRN site for HF.I am looking for thoughts on the development of 
this site.

The site will be used both for remote and in personal operation.

The site is on 2 acres of land (300 feet on a side-Square). It has a 150 
foot guyed tower with a 19 inch face. Currently used for VHF and wifi.

The site is located South of Lake Wabamun near Highvale, Alberta, Canada

51515 RGE RD 44, Rural Parkland County, AB T7Z 1W1Canada



For reference www.narc.net <http://www.narc.net%20>is our main website.

https://www.narc.net/About/photos has photos of the site which we call 
the VE6LRN – Highvale site.

A search on https://www.youtube.com/ for VE6LRNwill give a video from a 
drone of the site.


The installation of other towers either self support or guyed are possible.

Current thinking is:

Something like a Log Periodic on separate tower.

40 meter, 2 or 3 element beam on separate tower.

Wire dipoles for 160, 80, 60 meters.


20 thru 10 meter beam on separate tower.

40 meter, 2 or 3 element beam on ring rotor on the main tower.

Only one place for ring rotator on the tower is just above the lower gye 
point, 12.2 meters (~40 feet) above ground.

Wire dipoles for 160, 80, 60 meters.


Mono band beams for 40, 20, 15, 10 meters on separate towers or mixed on 
common towers.

Wire dipoles for 160, 80, 60 meters.

Any number of towers may be used in this discussion.

I may be reached by direct email at VE6OH at NARC.NET

More information can be provided on request such as site photos and 
current possible layout.

Commercial suppliers are also invited to provide information direct.

Thanks for your interest.


J. T. (Mitch)  Mitchell
Support   www.ar100.ca   100 years of Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Call VE6OH / CFARS Call CIW308 / CIW930

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