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( got your name from QRZ ..you forgot to sign your post)

Yes you can do this, and yes it will be better than nothing at all

Ideally one would like a "uniform " ( in all directions ) set of ground 
radials with the antenna at the center. I am guessing from you 
description though that the antenna is a the corner of the lot (???). 
Installations with "non uniform" distribution of the ground plane will 
result in a non uniform radiation pattern likely favoring the direction 
from the antenna towards the ground plane field. with some loss of 
signal in the direction away from the antenna that essentially has no 

Again I think you are talking about only two radials(?) which will in 
the case of ground mounted radials will not provide much of a "ground" 
plane. Several ( as in dozens) of "short" ( even as short as 60' to 90' 
on 160M )� radiating from the base of the actual antenna will probably 
be more effective. To know for sure start out by measuring the feed 
point� impedance of the antenna with an antenna analyzer at the base of 
the antenna then remeasure and log the impedance with every 2-4 radials 
you add. If you then plot the the number of radials vs impedance you 
will see a curve that will project the a point at which further radials 
is not buying you much.

A little late for a Xmas present but a copy of ON4UN's (SK) book on low 
band dxing will provide you hours of reading and much additional insight 
into ground systems and 160M

hope that helps


On 12/24/2020 4:56 AM, w5jmw at towerfarm.net wrote:
> OK,it is somewhat winter hr.I am getting ready to lay ground radials 
> while the grass is dead for the winter.My antenna farm is on a square 
> acre.I have a tower in the sw corner.A sal in the mid north.Plans for 
> a 80 phased array along the east side.What I am wanting to do ie to 
> run radials from corner to corner.That is to say from ne to sw and 
> from nw to south east.Initially run these then go from side to 
> side.The radials will be jouned in the middla by a split bolt to a 
> ground rod....I plan on using the radial for all the antennas if 
> possible.My question...First Can I do this ?
> Question 2 does the radial foeld need to be at the base of a 
> antenna.Could i run a radial to the ground screen and sue the 
> screen.Which is what I envision after all is run...Pros and cons 
> please before I start.If I use independent radials they WILL 
> cross....Thoughts on this please...73 john W5JMW.a little pistol 
> trying to grow..
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