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Looking at your layout on Google Earth.

It looks like you have space to run radials� at least 100' to the north, 
north east and northwest and southwest I would start there Then I would 
make friends with whoever owns the pastures to the east and west and see 
if they will� let you bury some wire right after the next time they mow 
the or cut hay from the field . Your only talking 50' into each pasture 
and burying the wires 2" will put them out of harms way the next time 
they run the bailing machine through there or run cattle on the 
property. Your only "blind spot" then is to the south and south east 
towards the house.

As� Jim noted and has been discussed on here several times radials 
crossing each other is generally not a problem with ground mounted 
radials. running the radials out from the base of the tower is the goal 
. Depending on the type of metal fence you may even experiment with 
bonding radials to the base of the wire fence. The risk is if the 
sections of fence are not well bonded to each other then there is the 
risk of noise


On 12/24/2020 5:21 PM, w5jmw at towerfarm.net wrote:
> Jim,what about the crossing of the radials.Isn't doing that not 
> recommended?Right now I can do either.I am confined to such a pattern 
> due to me antenna placement.I have a overhead power run alomg my east 
> fence and a metel fence along my west.I have already attached to both 
> as a ground.really more of a lightning dispersal path.I might point 
> out that I do have pretty good soil.I have very dense clay in certain 
> at abt 3-4 foot.It does stop water sippage to a point.Also we have an 
> aerobic septic system which the spray nozzles are located in thi same 
> pasture...thank you,john
> On 2020-12-24 13:52, Jim Brown wrote:
>> On 12/24/2020 1:56 AM, w5jmw at towerfarm.net wrote:
>>> What I am wanting to do ie to run radials from corner to corner.That 
>>> is to say from ne to sw and from nw to south east.Initially run 
>>> these then go from side to side.The radials will be jouned in the 
>>> middla by a split bolt to a ground rod....I plan on using the radial 
>>> for all the antennas if possible.My question...First Can I do this ?
>> The short answer is that this is a very bad idea. The earth is a big
>> resistor, and if the antenna sees it, it burns a lot of the
>> transmitter power. Radials or a counterpoise provide a low resistance
>> return path for the antenna current; radials, in addition, shield the
>> antenna's field from the lossy earth.
>> An antenna's field surrounds it on all sides, and for radials to be
>> effective, they must extend out from the base, and be connected to the
>> coax shield. An earth connection (ground rod) does NOT make a transmit
>> antenna work better unless it's to an expanse of salt water.
>> Radial systems work best if they are symmetrical and dense, but if
>> available real estate and antenna locations prevent that, the best
>> layout for on-ground radials is to run as many as you can in as many
>> directions as you can. There is no need for on-ground radials to be of
>> equal length. There are many practical ideas about this in a tutorial
>> talk I've done at ham conventions and club meetings. Slides are here.
>> No original work by me, but a collection of great work by others.
>> http://k9yc.com/160MPacificon.pdf
>> 73, Jim K9YC
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