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questions, questions, question !! 8^)

Why does the antenna need to be 6' above the AC unit?

�Can it sit closer (6")? or even on the roof next to the A/C unit?

How tall is the A/C unit?

You can of course run a single wire from the antenna feed point to the 
roof level and then fan out from there . the optimum lengths at the fan 
out will be subject to some experimentation.

Will you be running high power? Depending on the control system on the 
A/C unit� tying into to the A/C ground may result in odd behavior of the 
A/C control system or RFI at other places in the building..About how far 
from the A/C unit is the actual "earth ground"? A relatively� long run 
to earth ground will become part of the antenna radiating system 
depending on the length and frequency

What bands will this operate on? Commercial antenna (model?) or homebrew?

Good luck

On 12/25/2020 2:41 AM, Edward via TowerTalk wrote:
> I will be installing a Steppir BigIR on the roof, approx 25' high. The 
> antenna would sit 6' above a large air conditioning unit.
> I plan to run some resonant radials. Problem with this is that they 
> need to be run 6' below the antenna before I can spread them out flat 
> and fish them underneath the HVAC. Not feasible to run them at a slope.
> I was also going to tap into the HVAC unit for additional ground plane 
> as that's a large hunk of metal.
> Is the above the best approach??
> Thanks,
> Ed 7Z1ES
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