Al Kozakiewicz akozak at hourglass.com
Fri Dec 25 14:26:16 EST 2020

I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

I have a short tower with 3 antennas - a 7el 2m, 3 el 6m and an old F12 C3 (3 interlaced 2 el 20-15-10) Ham IV and HyGain controller. With the exception perhaps of the 2m antenna, these aren't exactly sharply focused.  For casual HF DX operating and contests I point NE early in the day for EU, NW late in the day for AP, and S for TEQ.  Domestic contests I mostly just point westerly and leave it there.

For this type of operation (no moon bounce or satellite tracking) I wouldn't think I'd need the antenna to change direction for every QSO, especially during a contest; certainly not a very precise direction; and so I'm wondering if I'm missing an opportunity here.


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