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Robert Harmon k6uj at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 27 12:13:54 EST 2020


Great minds think alike :-)

I have one similar to this one except it has a locking collar.  7K lbs axial 
load rating, 10K lbs radial load rating.  

https://www.vxb.com/2-Inch-UCF211-32-4-Bolts-Flanged-Housing-Mounted-p/kit18457.htm <https://www.vxb.com/2-Inch-UCF211-32-4-Bolts-Flanged-Housing-Mounted-p/kit18457.htm>


> On Dec 27, 2020, at 2:59 AM, maflukey at gmail.com wrote:
> As an alternative suggestion....  I have been using flange mounted pillow
> block bearings as mast thrust bearings  - first time was about 20 years ago.
> IMHO they are typically plenty strong - ratings are something like ~6500 lbs
> static radial load and ~ 2500 lbs of static axial load.   Cost was about $35
> then, probably $50+ now, but they seem to last forever if you keep them
> pumped full of grease and protect them from the weather.  For standard 2" OD
> structural steel mast I used 2-1/16" bore bearings.   For 1.5" SCH 160 pipe
> masts I used 1-15/16" bore bearings.    Recommend to confirm the mast OD by
> measurement with a mic or dial caliper, especially if you are using
> repurposed masts...  For a weather shield I used silicone bellows type
> plumbing vent roof jack seals that I attached to the masts just above the
> bearings with an automotive worm clamp.   The bottom of the bellows sat just
> high enough over the top plate of the tower so as not to rub but completely
> covered the bearing housing....  don't forget to slide the seal over the
> mast before you install it or you have to start over - hi.   Also suggest to
> put a coat of paint on the mounting side of the bearing block or it will
> rust and/or interact with the galvanized top plate surface.   My larger
> tower accepted the 4-bolt bearing flange by re-drilling the top plate but
> three smaller towers I had to fabricate adapter plates.   I used 1/4" mild
> steel plate for the adapters.  PS - pillow block bearings pivot in their
> housings so be sure to keep the bottom end of the mast restrained whenever
> it is disconnected from the rotor.
> 73 & Happy Holidays!
> Matt
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