APRS and the Olympic Torch

LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc larrytx@SSD.intel.com
Wed, 10 Apr 96 09:15:34 PDT

APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) is a system for tracking the
location of varios objects on a map.  There is a guy here at Intel who is
working on getting the position of the torch into this system.  If we can
pull it off, there will be a car following the torch with GPS connected
to a TNC.  This information will be digi-repeated to a station who will be
sending the information packets out on 10 mHz (maybe 10.1515 mHz LSB).
It looks like the N6TR station will be used for one of the HF links (got
to put something up for that band I guess).

The software you need to turn your computer into an APRS display is
on the TRLog BBS if you are interested in this.  There is also some 
documentation there explaining this in more detail (I am still a novice
at all of this).  

145.75 mHz seems to be a place where you can get APRS data here in Portland.
I am not sure if this is a standard frequency across the country or not.

Have fun!!

For those of you who didn't know, I am no longer working at Cascade Microtech.
I went to work for a small consulting company called CETech.  The president
is the same guy who originally hired me at Cascade, and I had worked with/for
him at my previous job at Ateq/Etec (he was my boss while I was F/N6TR back
in 1990/91).

I am on contract to Intel (as are about 6 other CETech employees) to Intel.
My initial contract is for 6 months (which I think is the maximum time
unit Intel can contract out for).  After that, I might continue working
for them on a contract basis, be offered a "real" job by Intel (which I
may or may not take), go contract out somewhere else, or work internally
at CETech managing things at the home office.

My cmicro.com address is still okay and will probably be forwarded to my
current email address for a long time to come (tree@contesting.com).
I would like to thank Bill, KM9P for allowing me access to his computer
for both my e-mail and the trlog reflector.  If you haven't checked out
the contesting.com home page yet, you should.  There is a great photo
tour of the KM9P station there.  I hope to have a similar tour of the
N6TR station available there soon.

Finally, for those of you who are going to the at the WRTC, you will be
happy to know that TR log will be available for all contestents to use.
As far as I know, it is the only package that will correctly handle the

73 Tree N6TR