5.63 Bug??

Larry Tyree n6tr
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 15:06:23 -0400 (EDT)

>     I successfully downloaded the 5.63 version, and with your kind 
> telephone assistance, got the various segment of the logcfg.dat file up 
> and running. But ... when I fired the program up, and started to enter 
> some simulated QSO's I ran into an interesting problem: the moment that 
> I entered the first two letters of AB6DG's call - ei.e. AB - the 
> multiplier window jumped in with the heading " multipliers needed for 
> vE6 " !!! Ackkkkkkk .... and no matter what I did, it would not show 
> the AB6DG call, or for that matter, ANY call beginning with AB (or SK, 
> etc.).
>     Obviously, the program is reading the call as a 
> State-Province-Country .... or is it something I'm doing? Oh yes, I'm 
> using the S50P13.DOM file, but that shouldn't make a difference. 

That is normal.  Just ignore it.  It is an automatic feature which makes 
sense in some circumstances (ie: you want to check on a domestic mult
by typing in the first few letters, or the same thing happens when you
enter it in the exchange window).

>     And, how are you coming with adding the RST-SPC-number exchange for 
> the ARCI and similar 'tests?

I have it on the to do list, but I have been very busy making some
enhancements to the software used to check CQ WW logs this month.
This will probably continue for another couple of weeks, then I 
will start working on TR issues.

Tree N6TR