5.73 MEMORY and KEYING Problems ?

Billy W. Cox aa4nu@raider.raider.net
Sun, 04 Aug 1996 01:22:30 -0700

I recall AA4GA posted a "memory problem" recently, and this 
weekend in the NAQP I also had a TWO WEIRD problems ... 

Using 5.73 standard stuff, in DOS 6.22 ... Bandmap is on ... 

PC's here are 2 ea 486DX100 w/4meg, linked together (and link works FB !)
(PC have 4 serial and 3 parallel ports)

DVPTSR.exe, FONT.exe loaded before TR started via batch file on both PC's.

Problem that occured was at about 200 Q's, the PC-A bombed ... see notes ...

Looking at what was still on the screen, shows less than 1k in the top
right screen corner where the "memory size" shows ...

Noted this ... RUN TIME ERROR 204   OF29:8913 shows at DOS prompt line

Tried reloading, Then rcvd  ERROR #12  2EE3:04D5 and the PC was LOCKED !

Turned it off, and back on ... Loaded back up ...

Mnnn ... Now have 17,808 showing in top right corner ! YES !

Make a QSO on PC-B ... WHOA ... Now have 4592 left PC-A ... HUH ?

So I look at PC-B's remaining memory. it's down to 2984 ! So out to
DOS and back in I go, Aha... 19,494 ... make another QSO ... grrr
it drops to 6694 (with ONE QSO) ... what have I done now .... :(

Will watch it and see what happens ... Hey there's a station on
rig A I need ... Hit F3 ... Rig is NOT keying, use external keyer
to work the station ... Check wiring, OK, drag VOM out ... keying
line from PC is DOA ... huh ... (now softly singing "Y me Y me")

Out to DOS, maybe files are screwed up from lockup, CHKDSK says OK.
Mnn ... Look at LOGCFG.DAT ... all looks ok, I CHANGE the keying
port from LPT1 to LPT2 ON THE LOGCFG.DAT, but do NOT change anything
on the PC physically ... SON OF A GUN, PC keying is BACK ... 

Memory keeps dropping ... it's down to less than 2k at end of
contest with 253 Q's ... wheuuu, figured I'd bomb it again ...

NO OTHER problems, other than the "op" still learning the software
and ALL the amazing things it will do ...

1. Anyone else seeing the "memory disappear" like this ?
2. Anyone else ever have the LPT port "change" like this ?

Both PC's are indentical (same motherboard, 4-port comm board, etc).

I be be-wildered ! Ideas ?

73 Bill AA4NU  aa4nu@raider.raider.net