Jim Walter 76353.1416@compuserve.com
11 Aug 96 19:27:29 EDT

Another humbling experience at the hands of the Internet Sprint.  This time 64
qso's, up from 63 last time.  Now the big question will be how many q's I loose
due to inaccuracy, hope to see that percentage improve.

Big sig's here, W7ZRC and N6TR.

I'm using TR V4.05 (public domain version).  What key strokes should I be using
that will allow the whole exchange to be sent correctly a second time.  I've
been using the enter key which sends the exchange and also enters the info into
the log.  Once that's done if I hit the exchange key it changes to the next
number and name.  Any thoughts?

73...Jim, WB0OLA, 76353.1416@compuserve.com