Lee Hiers AA4GA
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 21:18:03 +0000

On 16 Aug 96, Larry Tyree wrote:

> Last night, I spent some time focused on memory.


> Secondly, if you run out of memory while the program is loading in the
> name database - some strange things were occuring.  This is fixed for
> the next release, which will probably now be releaesd this weekend.


> Another idea that is surfacing finally, is to expand the MASTER.DTA file
> to include names.  This would allow infinite expandability on the number
> of names AND also reduce the memory used by the program by a whopping
> 90K!!  There might be a small delay in getting the names, but I don't
> see that as a problem (when sending the name on CW, this delay will all
> occur while the callsign is being sent).

The main problem I see is that if the TR MASTER.DTA file includes
names it will be incompatible with the CT MASTER.DTA...would it not?
 Maybe with updated MASTOOLS both formats could be accomodated?

73 de Lee

Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA