Minor bug in TRLog 5.76

Kirk Pickering kirk@music-city.tdec.state.tn.us
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 23:55:47 -0500

> I can use TRLog to QSY the radio, but if I actually change bands on the
> radio, TRLog never gets the msg.  I always assumed I was doing something
> wrong and never investigated further.  Tim Totten, KJ4VH - kj4vh@iglou.com

Tim (and others),

This is the same symptom I've been experiencing on my IC-761 ever since 
I bought TR-LOG.  One-way communication,  I did lots of research and have
sent the results to Tree.  TR-LOG and the IC-761 aren't communicating
properly.  It looks like a timing issue with the IC-761, where collisions
may be corrupting the IC-761's "answers" to TR-LOG's "polling."   We've 
been working on this for over a year now, and hopefully we are near a 

73, Kirk  WR3O