QSOs field(s) includes dupes

Tom Thompson tom@iquest.com
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 01:53:17 -0600

The QSOs field at the top of the screen includes "0 point" qso's (dupes in
most contests).  It would be nice to have a log.cfg statement to specify the
totals should not include 0 pointers.  It could also apply to the "this
hour" field.

Usually, an easy mental calculation can come up with the good q count.
However, its harder to do in, say, 160m when qsos can have different values.

My workaround is is ALT-L, space,space,space,0, then count by 5 for each
full window.

This feature may already be present and I just overlooked it!

Tom N4YO