More on distance between grid squares

Larry Tyree
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 09:24:05 -0800 (PST)

I have received a number of informative replies to my earlier post about
computing distance between grid squares.  

This problem is furthur complicated by the fact that the world isn't

I have determined that the K8CC formula as used in NA and mine are within
0.3 percent of each other - which is pretty close.  Dave's numbers tend to 
be about .2 percent higher than mine.  The program GRID seems to give
number another .2 percent higher than Daves.  One person provided their 
distance to CN85 and it was very close to my number.  I don't expect to 
put any more effort into understanding the sources of error.

In the end, these small differences will have little effect on the
QSO point calculations for the Stew Perry contest.  They will only 
have an impact near the transistions every 500 km.  

At any rate - I am making a general purpose utility available to the
log checkers which will recompute the QSO points on any ASCII log.
This can be used if the scores are close - and also for computing
scores for people that didn't have a up to date logging program.

Also - if anyone is unsure of their grid, they can send me e-mail
with their latitude and longitude and I will reply with their

Hope to see you all in this exciting event!  If you missed the rules,
check out  

73 Tree N6TR