Difficulties on 1 antenna

Bill McFadden ve1rj@ns.sympatico.ca
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 23:09:05 +0000

This is going to sound really strange but I don't know where to go 
from here so I thought I would send it out on the reflector and see 
what other ideas may come up.

I am having difficulty getting TRLOG to send CW on my 40M antenna. I 
have made up the box for the parallel port in the manual. It works 
fine on all other bands/antennas but my 40M half square. 
If I turn the power down to under 25 watts then the code goes out 
fine. With anything over 25 watts approx all I get is a steady mark 
(tone). If I use a different antenna and use my internal tuner on 7 
mhz the cw goes out fine. 
The SWR is fine on the half square and works fine with under 25 
The CW goes out fine on all other bands. The only thing that it could 
be is the antenna or the switch box (currently using a Ameritron 4 
positon remote coax switch.

Any crazy ideas? I know I would believe it unless I saw it and 
believe me I am seeing it.

Bill (VE1RJ)