Bug in v 5.95 with Internet SprINT

Tony and Celia Becker becker@sprintmail.com
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 12:37:05 -0700

At 12:32 PM 12/22/96 -0800, Larry Tyree, N6TR wrote:
>Check the CW messages - or if you put INTERNET SPRINT in as the contest,
>most everything should be already setup.  My logcfg.dat file looked
>like this:
>Then the normal stuff to setup the CW output and that is all!  The
>exchanges are all setup from the MY NAME and MY STATE parameters.

As an experiment, I tried this suggested minimal LOGCFG.DAT.  It does work well at getting the program configured sans all the fancy features with two exceptions.

1.  No matter whether or where I put the MY STATE = CA in my LOGCFG.DAT, even putting it before the CONTEST = INTERNET SPRINT line, the EX MEMORY F5 and F6 sent ORE, not CA.  

(and all this time I thought we were not welcome there). :)

2.  I had to add VISIBLE DUPESHEET = TRUE or I got no dupesheet.  Not exactly a bug, but I like to see the dupesheet just to minimize the differences between the look and feel of the program from one contest to another.

(maybee I just enter too many contests???, naaahh...) :)

AE0M, Tony Becker - becker@sprintmail.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.