RAC minor problem

LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc larrytx@co.intel.com
Mon, 30 Dec 96 09:25:09 PST

> Probably something incredibly minor wrong with my setup, but in the 
> Winter RAC, I had to enter every VE's province by hand. I expected 
> choosing RAC as the contest to set the initial exchange to include the 
> province automagically, but it didn't. (Or doesn't TR know how to derive 
> the provinces from the call? [yes, I know about VE1, but surely it could 
> do the others?])

Actually - TR isn't smart enough to know what province a VE call is in.
This is partially because of the three different modes that the provinces
can be in (8, 12, or 13).  I guess you can take your log from this contest
and export the QTHs to the TRMASTER database and at least they will come
up next time.  Perhaps I will add something for VE2-VE7 and leave the
tricky ones up to the operator - but I tend to think that having it work
in some cases and not others makes it more trouble than it is worth.

> Also, the DOM file needs to recognise YT as Yu.

I have never understood YT - I guess it stands for Yukon Territory?  I will
add it however.

Tree N6TR