Larry Tyree tree@lady.blindchicken.com
Sun, 2 Jun 1996 16:56:22 -0700 (PDT)

> >Another problem, may be my mistake, when i log a call i.e. DF5HH and after
> >exchange
> >the qso is logged. Some times later, i hear the Call DF5HH is wrong and i
> do
> >with ALT-E a
> >correction to DF5HS. its all ok. now, i get the Call DF5HH (thats realy ok)
> >and TR say
> >it's a DUPE! what is wrong??
> >
> >i hope, you can understand me, because my english is simply.
> >
> >vy 73 de Kurt, DF3HU , Hamburg
> >
> >cc: tree@contesting.com
> This problem continues to plague me when using TRLOG both for dupe checking
> and mult checking.  

I can't reproduce the problem with the dupes.  I worked a QSO with DF5HH,
editied it to DF5HS, and DF5HH is no longer a dupe.  Can someone give me
exact keystrokes?