WRTC version

LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc larrytx@SSD.intel.com
Thu, 6 Jun 96 10:24:02 PDT

Well, I thought using 5.65 for the WRTC would be easy enough, but I found
a problem.

The program doesn't allow you to have 3 active multiplier types at the 
same time!  So, when you enable the DX MULTS = ARRL DXCC, it won't run.

This will be fixed in 5.66 which may be out later today.  However, it
is also fixed in a special WRTC version that is available via ftp.

If you are a WRTC competitor, you should receive instructions on how
to get this copy of the program (NA and CT are also available in the
same place).

Also, 5.65 didn't have the ONE PHONE TWO CW QSO point method set.

I am hoping to even make more improvements to the rover duping stuff
today during my lunch hour and make a new release this afternoon.

Tree N6TR