Larry Tyree tree@lady.blindchicken.com
Fri, 3 May 1996 08:17:51 -0700 (PDT)

K4PQL writes:

> I need help in exploiting POSSIBLE CALLS. 
> Setting it to true does not display similar calls from the name d/b.
> Is there something else I need to do ? PARTIAL CALL from dupesheet 
> works fb but cannot seem to draw calls from names d/b.
> DUPECHK (space bar) DOES pull up the name from names.cmq.
> TU, Howie

POSSIBLE CALLS are displayed while working a station (ie: after you
have entered a callsign and pressed RETURN).  Perhaps you were expecting
them to show up as you entered the call.  PARTIAL CALLS are displayed
as you type in the callsign.  At the time PARTIAL CALLS were added 
to the program, it was felt that there would be too many calls showing
up if you included POSSIBLE CALLS in the list.  

POSSIBLE CALLS have the advantage of being able to show callsigns that
might be correct, even if you have made an error entering the prefix.

For example, if you were typing JA9RWU, you would never see JA8RWU
displayed.  However, the POSSIBLE CALL list will clearly show you
JA8RWU.  As you can see, the POSSIBLE CALL feature works best
after you have entered the complete callsign.

After I did PARTIAL CALLS, the world wanted me to add support for the
MASTER.DTA file which was initially created by K1EA.  There are some
utilities around that can generate this file (most people already had
them from their CT days).  I personally don't have these in POST, but
perhaps I will add them soon.

73 Tree N6TR