Larry Tyree
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 10:02:59 -0700 (PDT)

Tony, WI0R writes:

> The new cty.dat arrangement is great!  It all works just fine
> and is fast!!


> The grid computer however doesn't return the proper subsquare.
> 37 degrees 42 minutes latitude x 97 degrees 17 minutes longitude
> should return EM17iq -- but instead returns EM17ok.  At least,
> that's what it returns when I enter 37.42 and 97.17.  However,
> if you are expecting a decimal entry rather than a minutes entry
> then the 37.70 and 97.28 that I enter returns EM17pq.  

The program is expecting decimal entries.  After looking over the 
grid conversion routine (which was from another program) I finally
rewrote it with my understanding of the grid system and now the 
program gives the same result as your other ones.  

So, everyone be aware that the 5th and 6th digits might be off.  
This isn't a problem for the beam heading process - but don't 
get on in a UHF contest with those grids!

This will be fixed in 5.83 - whenever that becomes necessary.

Thanks for finding that one Tony!  You guys are great.

Tree N6TR