TRLog updates: UUDecoding problems

Dave Henderson, (Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House)
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 16:07:48 -0700

Many of you have mentioned in recent weeks problems in decoding Trees
internet distributed updates, myself included. I had been using the
UUDecoder from the now defunct version of SPRY's WIN3.1 Airmail. I think
Tree may have recently changed platforms or uuencoders and the older
versions of uudecoders running under WIN95 (with a PXXX processor?, my
486 works fine go figure)are alergic to added spaces or carriage returns
or who knows! Anyway i downloaded a freeware uudecoder DECEXT.ZIP from: for use with WIN95 and it
decodes Trees latest files just fine!

Good luck