Strangness during CQP

Larry Tyree
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 07:41:31 -0700 (PDT)

KI4HN writes:

> I noticed the following strageness during CQP.
> I was CQing on 15M CW on radio 1 & S&P on 20M SSB
> on radio 2.  When I would find a station to work
> on 20M SSB using Alt-D, I would it space to switch
> to 20M and log the Q.  After hitting enter, TR
> would switch back to 15M, but it would start 
> sending the exchange from the previous SSB Q and
> then immediately go into the CQ message.  If I hit
> Esc immediately after hitting enter, TR would stop
> the exchange message and switch to the CQ message.
> But I don't think TR should have been working this
> way.

Thanks for the report Jim.  I have never tested the two radio
stuff on mixed mode and I am sure that is the problem.  

I will someday soon be implementing 2 radio SSB stuff and will 
solve this problem at the same time.

Tree N6TR