TRLOG under WIN95

Dave Henderson
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 05:46:41 -0700

Eric Rosenberg wrote:
> With hte multitude of changes in TR lately (well, in 1996), I've lost track
> of the directory structure that's required.
> Can someone (George, Tree?) post a chart showing what files go where?

Just keep everthing in the <LOG> directory and you will have no problems

> Also, has anyone had any problems with TR and Win95. I just changed over
> (from OS/2, where I had no problems) and am curious to know if there are any
> 'gotchas'

TRLog runs fine under WIN95 with the following gotchas, 

1) If your machine is too slow you will find that your CW gets chopped
at times
you can run it from the MSDOS mode instead by changing the <PROPERTIES>
and this will solve the choppiness of the CW keing.

2) You must do any updating of TRMASTER.DTA in POST in the MSDOS mode,
if you try and update TRMASTER.DTA in WIN95 you will get a runtime
error. As near as I can tell all other POST functions work fine in MSDOS

Good luck