processing ZIP files on Netcom/Nesscape v.2.5

Randy Powell
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 06:26:11 -0700

I had a long weekend fruitlessly attempting to to decode, unzip the new TR versions 
several of you have kindly emailed.  Fresh new copy of Win95 Norton has brought the 
486/100 down to sluggish speed, but has not helped to unZIP the TR ZIP file.  Any 
suggestions on good way to set up Norton to be a helpful watcher, but not steal all the 
CPU's speed?

In looking in WRITE at each of the zipped files sent to me, I notice they all contain 
lines of code that are exactly the same length, even though I had set my Netcom/Netscape 
Mail Options to Variable Width Font.  Hmmm.  I think I may be cutting my own throat. 

I've just changed the Options, Mail, Composition choice from "MIME COMPLIANT" to "ALLOW 
8-BIT".  Also changed Options, Mail, Appearance choice from "VARIABLE WIDTH FONT" to 

Tree, could you please send V5.84 again -- I think I may be ready to receive.

Thanks all!  

73, Randy NZ6N