Runtime 103

Ronald D Rossi
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 10:07:34 -0400

>>>Larry Tyree said:
> KK5EP writes:
> > I just received my tr-log program in the mail today.  During the initial
> > setup phase, I was asked to type in my name and callsign.  After doing this
> > I received an on-screen message which reads: runtime error 103 at 2693:
> > 6945.  Any ideas on the problem?  Tnx, 73  Mike  KK5EP.
> After looking at this some - I am not sure what is causing this.  The
> program is trying to write a little file in the same direcotry as
> tr.ovr (one of the program files) and isn't able to do so.  This might
> be because it can't find tr.ovr - or the disk is write protected.

Boy I seem to remember this error way back when I first used TR.  I THINK 
that it was solved when I created a "name" or "names" directory (I forget 
which it is).

73 de N1PBT...ron ( <><
Ron Rossi H/P SRAM Engineering -- IBM Microelectronics