updating TRMASTER.DT

Troy Majors wi0r@southwind.net
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 16:59:04 -0500 (CDT)

To: trlog@contesting.com

Tree said:
GG> >Currently you can't.  But this is on the top of the
GG> >list for the next release.

George said:
GG> I have not tried this - but:

GG> Couldn't you convert your trmaster.dta to a trmaster.asc
GG> then save it to another file name.
GG> Then change the name of the master.dta(from ad1c) then
GG> convert it to a trmaster.asc and then copy the two files
GG> together - and convert the resulting file to a
GG> trmaster.dta?  I guess the only problem would be that
GG> there would be two of some callsigns.

...not of "some" callsigns but of MOST...and, which one of the
dupes would TR read, or if you ran a sort program such as 
CUSORT.EXE, which can sort and delete the dupes, which one 
would it delete?  

Sorry, George, but I think I like Tree's response better. |:)


Troy WI0R

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