Kam Plus

Rod Greene w7zrc@micron.net
Thu, 24 Oct 96 06:39 MDT


I'm not familar with the Kam, but in previous experience with an AEA TNC and
TR Log, I had to reset the TNC to run at the same speed that TR could
handle.  I haven't used a TNC for a long time, so don't have any recent

        GL and 73, Rod

At 11:16 PM 10/23/96 -0700, Claude R. Fontaine, Jr. wrote:
>Just got TR Log version 5.84.  Looks great and have it running with
>ts-950.  Problem I have is I am running a Kam Plus on Com 2 at 9600 baud
>8, none , 1.  It works fine with Log windows and Paket program.  I get
>strange ascii symbols when I try and use 4800 baud.  Tried the eight bit
>with TR program and it does the same.  The computer and tnc talk but not
>correctly.  When I go back to 9600 all programs work fine except TR log.
>ANY info would be appreciated.
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