Bug in 5.86?

David R. Andersen kk9w@solon.eng.uiowa.edu
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 10:43:42 -0600 (CST)

Last night I was playing and ran across the following:

I typed in a dupe callsign (one that had already been entered as a qso
in the log).

I had the program configured so that in cq mode if I tried to work the
dupe, the program sent "WX9XXX SRI QSO B4."  

The problem is, the first dit or dah of the dupe callsign was omitted in
the transmitted CW.  so it came out "MX9XXX SRI QSO B4." or equivalent
for callsigns beginning with A, N, K.  This was in simulator mode, so 
didn't have anything to do with how fast my VOX/TR switching was.  The
actual CW sent was wrong.

Anybody else encounter this?  I guess the answer is to work all the dupes,
and then they'll be encouraged to dupe you in future contests too :-).


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