Version 5.77

Larry Tyree
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 22:55:43 -0700 (PDT)

          Release notes for TR Logging Program - Version 5.77
                             3 September 1996

  * Version 5.77 is the first to use the new TRMASTER.DTA format.  While *
  * lots of testing has been done and everything appears functional, be  *
  * aware that this feature has not been proven under actual contest     *
  * conditions.                                                          *

Version 5.77 - 3 September 1996

 - Visible dupesheet now updated after using edit command.

 - Floppy save no longer crashes program if disk error.  Instead, there is
   an error message with beeps.

 - If you want the program to check on the size of your LOG.DAT file as
   the contest progresses, you can turn on this feature with the CHECK LOG
   FILE SIZE command (under Control-J).  The file size will be checked
   after every QSO.

 - Bug fixed with new OH2MM rate sheet where it sometimes crashes at the
   end of the log file.

 - HEXDUMP enhanced to include search for data.  For those of you who don't
   know about this feature, it can be very handy.  Type TR HEXDUMP filename
   and you can examine a binary/ASCII file.  This is very handy for looking
   at .DTA files (which is why it was being enhanced).

 - Fixed separate arrow or pageup/pagedown keys which stopped working in
   the previous release.

 - Enhanced the .DTA file format to include Name, Section, Check, QTH,
   Ten-Ten number, FOC number, grid and who knows what else.

   If you have a MASTER.DTA file now that you are using, make a copy of
   it with the name TRMASTER.DTA.  Put it where the program files are
   and the program will find it no matter what directory you are logged
   into.  You can put custom ones in the working directory and they will
   be used instead.

   The NAMES.CMQ database is no longer used by TR.  To transfer your data,
   use the name editor in POST and save your data as an ASCII file.  Then
   use the new DTA file editor (POST U E) and the F command to load in
   the data.  As a result of not using the database, the program uses
   about 90K less memory than before.

   Various routines allow you to pull data out of old log files and add
   them to the DTA database.  These are in the DTA edit menu found in
   POST under the utility menu.

 - Added POSSIBLE CALL MODE with values ALL or NAMES (available in Control-J).
   When set to NAMES only calls from the name database that have a name are
   used for possible calls.  This is how the old NAMES.CMQ file worked.
   If you want to open it up so all the calls in the database are used for
   possible calls, set POSSIBLE CALL MODE = ALL.

 - New initial exchanges: NAME QTH, CHECK SECTION, QTH, GRID.  These allow
   data from the .DTA file to be used for initial exchanges.  More will be
   added later so more of the data in the DTA file can be used for initial

 - No more Alt-N command.  It takes too much time to update the DTA database
   on the fly, so this command no longer makes sense.  Also, data in the
   database is no longer updated by the program as you make QSOs with
   new names.

Version 5.76 - 22 August 1996

 - Fixed GridFields - in TR and POST for TOEC contest.

 - Changed overlay buffer from 90K to 70K (reduces memory used by 20K).

 - Eliminated range checking in LogDupe (saves another 5K).

 - Eliminated hang if not enough room for name database at startup.

 - Created NewReadKey and NewKeyPressed to allow F11 and F12 memories.

 - Fixed bug with SAC prefixes not being processed correctly if in editable
   window and SAC prefix different than natural prefix.

Version 5.75 - 13 August 1996 (version 5.74 was handed out at the WRTC)

 - Prevented Alt-D from working if SINGLE RADIO MODE = TRUE.

 - Added LEADING ZERO CHARACTER parameter to select what the leading zero
   character will be (previously it was always zero).  Can be programmed
   with Control-J menu (toggles T, O and 0).

 - Made LEADING ZEROS an integer to select minimum length of serial
   number (previously was always 3).  Y is still allowed (default of 3).

 - Improved SAC mults for calls like 8S3BG.


 - Made SIMULATOR ENABLE = FALSE over ride previous TRUE entry in LOGCFG.DAT.

 - Added many reports for CQ WW (and other contests).  Check out the
   R M menu in POST.  Thanks for OH2MM for helping define these.

 - When loading in LOG.DAT file - prevented crash if illegal mode found
   with okay band.  Also shows the offending QSO so you can go fix it
   if you want.

 - Made FindDirectory look in more places for files.  Thanks to K2MM for
   his ideas.  This applies to .CTY and name files.  Also, the install
   program no longer puts you in the working directory.

 - Fixed ITU Zone 30 to be in Asia, not Europe (it is really in both?).

 - Made AUTO DUPE ENABLE CQ and AUTO DUPE ENABLE S AND P (both in Control-J).

 - Added QSO POINTS DOMESTIC/DX CW/PHONE commands.  Over-rides the QSO
   point method.

 - Added big remaining country list - BIG REMAINING LIST = TRUE (Control-J).
   Default has about 145 countries in it (thanks OH2MM for helping come up
   with the default list).

 - Fixed garbage CW when using StartSendingNowKey then the delete key.

 - Added AUTO DISPLAY DUPE QSO with default = FALSE.  This will show
   previous dupe QSOs automatically when working a dupe.

Version 5.73 - 4 July 1996

 - Improved info shown during Auto-CQ to mention PageUp/Dn delay adjust.
 - Added VGA DISPLAY ENABLE.  When FALSE, will prevent use of EGA/VGA modes.
 - Added all possible DXCC countries as domestic mults for ARRL Field Day.
 - Made Auto-CQ loop process packet and multiport input when active.
 - POST Log merGe now filters out duplicate QSOs caused by network computers.

Version 5.72 (5.71 was an internal release) - on 17 June 1996

 - Added PTT TURN ON DELAY parameter - default = 15 * 1.7 ms.
 - Fixed bands above 2304 not showing up in summary sheet.
 - Fixed secondse -> seconds in auto cq.
 - Grid Map implmented.  Enable by setting HOME GRID to desired center.
 - Added FIELD DAY to simulator.
 - Made AUTO DUPE ENABLE = FALSE for VHF contests.
 - Fixed non /R calls in VHF not being flagged as dupes.
 - If no I/O COM3 or COM4 address in ROM table, use 3E8 & 2E8 (a la COM34).

Version 5.70 - Released on 7 June 1996 (5.66 to 5.69 were beta releases)

 - Made non OK/OM station have mult by mode and band for OK DX contest.
 - Made /R stations initial exchange not have space and allow overwrite.
 - Made grid map display go away when cleaning up display with ESCAPE.
 - Fixed alphabetical order of grid map display.
 - Made ARRL VHF contests have QSO BY MODE = FALSE.
 - Made QSO needs have better format + reverse video for 2nd mode.
 - Added FM as a mode when >= 6 meters.  It is handled same as SSB.
 - Only allow dupes and show grid status if /R shows up in VHF call.
 - Put autodupe enable back on for VHF contests - for non rover calls.

Version 5.65 - Released on 3 June 1996

 - Added WRTC contest for WRTC competitors (adds ARRL DXCC as DX MULT).
 - Region one FD, if in DL, non portable outside Eu, was 4 pts, now 3.
 - Added HF BAND ENABLE to disable HF bands during VHF contests.
 - Improved multiplier status display for VHF/UHF bands.

 - Made VHF contests turn off AUTO DUPE ENABLE and let you work stations
   again in different grid squares.  If you have worked a station before,
   it will show you which grids.

 - Added 3GH, 5GH, 10G, 24G and LGT bands.
 - Fixed missing AddDomesticCountry commands for the internet sprint.

Version 5.64 - 8088 version similar to 5.63 but with added VHF bands.

Version 5.63 - Released on 14 April 1996

 - If you were using TRP and the Control-L feature, with big logs, you
   might of had some problems after looking at the end of the log.  This
   is now fixed.

 - TRP is no longer distributed with the updates.  If you want it, get it
   off the BBS or by special request.

 - Allow negative input for HOUR OFFSET with Control-J.

 - If you have sent a CW message with a Control-B in it, then go into
   search and pounce, you might get the first letter of the callsign
   twice in the call window.  After that, the cursor edit commands are
   confused and you may end up with a bunch of garbage in the window.
   This has been fixed in this release.

 - Some zone overrides in the .CTY file were not working.  This is now

 - Made the ninth call district in VE count as zone 5 or 9 instead of zero.

 - Made Helvetia contest count HB9 as a DX mult if you are in HB9.

 - Updated OK/OM contest to new rules (1994 rules).

 - Made POST always ask if you want to renumber your log in L C.

Version 5.62 - Released on 8 March 1996

 - TRP version now included with updates...  uses extended memory.
 - Fixed possible hangup when working QSOs that are on packet spot list.
 - Fixed problem with mult totals being wrong sometimes if you reload log.
 - Fixed summary sheet total mults if over 255.

Version 5.61 on 31 January 1996.

 - Fixed DX stations in Sprint coming up with a domestic mult also.

 - Made spaces around equal sign not necessary in beam heading file.

 - Added showing domestic multiplier status as you enter a domestic QTH
   in the exchange window (if it is the first thing there).

 - Added QCWA contest (didn't do multipliers however).

 - Added MULT REPORT MINIMUM COUNTRIES paramater.  This selects the threshold
   for the Control-O report which shows countries you have worked on several
   bands, but not all bands.  This parameter is available in the Control-J

 - Added .DOM file for NRAU.

 - Made DXMultArray size go to 500 (was 350) for FOC guys.  This may be a
   temporary feature until I find out a better way to support this contest.

 - The program will not ask if the contest is over if editable log is empty.

 - Changed title for domestic mults in totals display (Now DomMults).

 - Made Remaining Mults and band map update with Alt-R or rig band change.

 - Added VERSION display in Control-J (this is read only!).

 - Added Branch Zones to legal zone multipliers in LOGCFG.DAT.

Version 5.60 on 16 January 1996.

 - Added BAND MAP CALL WINDOW ENABLE (also in Control-J, default = TRUE).
   This controls if the callsign and exchange for in the band map will be
   put in the call window.

 - If a stations call and exchange are in the call window, and you start
   typing in a callsign, it will be cleared out and what you type will
   be in the window.  Also, the band map will not over-write anything in
   the call window that you have entered.  It will only put information
   in there if the call window is empty, or if the information in there
   came from the band map.

 - Added Alt-G to Control-J.  This will write all of the changes you
   have made in a given Control-J session to the LOGCFG.DAT file.

 - Fixed bug with some GetDXQTH (NAQP non NA countries counting as mults).

 - Improved CW Memory defaults for NAQP.

 - Added COMPUTER ID command.  This will put a single character after the
   QSO number of your log for a given computer.  You can use the LOG PULL
   command in POST to separate the logs by computer.

Version 5.59 on 4 January 1996

 - The FT1000MP should be working now.
 - Added FT1000MP CW REVERSE command.  If TRUE, it uses the CW reverse mode.
 - Fixed spelling of ALL CW MESSAGES CHAINABLE when ControlJ adds to LOGCFG.
 - Added VHF enable for RAC contest.

Version 5.58 on 1 January 1996

 - Only one SPACE BAR needed while AutoCQ and TwoRadioMode QSO QRV.
 - Fixed possible garbage in call window when doing commands during AutoCQ.
 - CW AutoCQ now times silence gap, not start times.
 - Improved timing of AutoCQ messages when doing commands like Alt-D.
 - Changed GridLoc contest to allow QSOs on different modes as well as bands.
 - Added prompt and warning message if program is waiting for RST input.
 - Numerous spelling and format cleaups (mostly in help).
 - Added SCP MINIMUM CHARACTERS.  If > 0, then SCP happens during call entry.

 - Made Control-D in function key CW message make the message chainable.
   The Control-D also acts as a space only if it is being chained.

 - Fixed PageDown key operation in Control-J menu.
 - Made entry with a / but no numbers not get counted as a valid callsign.
 - Made QSLAndLog compatible with CallsignUpdateEnable.
 - Added AskIfContestOver.  If over, merges LOG.TMP to LOG.DAT.
 - Fixed garbage OKOM.DOM file.
 - Made Alt-A with empty call window and SCP display clear the display.

 - Fixed AddDomesticCountry ('W') -> ('K') for defaults in FContest.
   This fixes several contests that thought USA stations were DX.

 - Made MultByMode for RAC contest.

Version 5.57 - 19 December 1995

 - Added summary sheet for TenTen contest.
 - Added RAC contest (including summary sheets).
 - Added NZ FIELD DAY contest (including summary sheets).
 - Added NZFieldDayQSOPointMethod.
 - Added NZFieldDayExchange.
 - Made ARRL output strip off $.
 - Another stab at FT1000MP - hopefully it is now reading VFO frequency ok.
 - Made FT1000MP use normal CW instead of CW-R (old FT1000 500Hz mode).
 - Fixed zone override in CTY files (with brackets) not always working.
 - Prevent program crash in case DVP ever does crash (which it doesn't).
 - Increased delay time of DVP ready test - no longer times out.
 - Made SCP support up to two ? marks in the callsign (match any character).
 - Set default receiver address for Icom/Ten-Tec to 4.

Version 5.56 - 9 December 1995

 - Fixed showing domestic multiplier status for 10 meter contest.
 - Fixed bug preventing FT890 from working as Rig 2 interfaced radio.
 - Fixed bug preventing 1200 baud Icom radio from working as Rig 2
   interfaced radio.
 - Added support for FT1000MP (Use FT1000MP as radio type).

Version 5.55 on 30 November 1995

 - Added SINGLE RADIO MODE to disable Alt-R command.
 - Added command support for function keys: BANDUP, BANDDOWN, DUPECHECK,
   TOGGLECW, TOGGLEMODES, SWAPRADIOS.  Use Control-C at the start of the
   command and Control-D after it (ie: ^CBandUp^D).
 - Made band map update instantly to band/mode changes from Alt-B/V/M.
 - Slowed down 1000 count DVP loop to 3 milliseconds per second.
 - Fixed error messages if country files not found.
 - Added ADD DOMESTIC COUNTRY command (with CLEAR).  This allows you to
   redefine which countries are considered "domestic" as opposed to DX,
   and thus use the domestic multiplier procedures.  For example:

       DOMESTIC COUNTRY = CLEAR          ; Clears the existing domestic list
       DOMESTIC COUNTRY = OE             ; Adds OE to list (use same ID as
                                           the .cty file has).

 - Added ASK FOR FREQUENCIES flag.  If you don't have an interfaced radio,
   this decides if the program will prompt you for frequencies.
 - Added NO LOG.  If set to TRUE, QSOs can't be logged from this computer.
 - Added DOMESTIC FILENAME command for LOGCFG.  Finally lets you specify
   a different file than the default.  Make sure this comes after your
   CONTEST statement.
 - Fixed POST's multiplier check (whew!).  It doesn't crash and is actually
   fun to use.  It was broken when I added the domestic files.
 - Fixed ARRL 160 DomesticFileName (was none).
 - Fixed program crash when using ` key to send packet spots.  Also when
   sending spots or messages over the network.

Version 5.54 on 19 November 1995:

 - SHIFT KEY ENABLE wasn't really available, but is now.  Allows RIT and QSY
   functions for shift keys to be enabled/disabled.
 - When programming CQ ControlF1-F10 messages, the display would alternate
   between ControlF1 and ShiftF1.
 - Moved some memory around to make XT version possible again.

Version 5.53 on 16 November 1995:

 - Fixed problem writing Summary sheet info to disk if \log\name not there.
 - Fixed INSTALL so it can create directory on C drive.
 - Made INSTALL ask to be run from disk or directory with program files on it.
 - Eliminated possible Runtime 201 error if NoMode with visible dupesheet.
 - Allowed for number pad keys to be assigned CW messages.  If KEYPAD CW
   MEMORIES is TRUE, keys 0 to 9 are tied to CQ CW memories ControlF1 to

 - Even better SS exchange hacker (tested..  use it!).
 - Fixed minor format error possibility with remaining country display.
 - Created default remaining country list if none found in .CTY file.
 - Added TEN TEN contest.
 - Made callsign update from exchange use last call, not first.
 - If packet spot is NoBand or NoMode, ignore it so no more runtime 201 error.

Version 5.52 on 12 November 1995:

 - Fixed bug with multi network.  It seems solid now.
 - Added Three Phone Five CW QSO Point Method.
 - Made two radio stuff not send any CW if active mode <> CW.
 - Changed Multi baud rate to 2400 baud (was 4800).
 - Made dupes get sent to the other computers (helps keeps totals the same).
 - Allowed band changes to be made during 2 radio QSOs.
 - Added HEXDUMP command.  Allows you to view a file to see what is there.
   To use it, type TR HEXDUMP.
 - Allow exchange being sent in two radio mode to be aborted with escape.
 - Allow speed changes during second radio QSOs.
 - Made Alt-D with no call input update BandMapBlinkingCall if there is one.
 - Added switch to disable/enable RIT shift key function (SHIFT KEY ENABLE).
 - Made the CQ sent with two radio QSO in progress come from Alt-F3.
 - Made the CQ sent on inactive radio during dualing CQ QSO come from Alt-F2.
 - Fixed simulator for Sweepstakes.  Also improved the QSO numbers sent.
 - Fixed double spacing in packet window.

Version 5.51 on 30 October 1995

 - Added simulator support for SS.
 - Made install 2.1 ask about overwriting .CTY files.
 - Made \log\name be the first choice if another NAMES.CMQ file is found.

 - Make remaining mults use index bytes instead of strings.  This results
   is much more capacity (300 domestic, 200 DX) and less memory used.

 - Added SCP FILENAME command.  Use this to indicate the name of the file
   you want to use.  You can enter the full path name, or just the filename
   if it is in the directory you are in, or pointed to by your PATH statement.


   now affects all remaining multiplier displays (DX, Domestic and Zone).

 - Note the command LITERAL DOMESTIC QTH is not in the manual.  This
   allows the domestic QTHs to be shown in the log just as entered.  If
   FALSE, the filtered domestic multiplier shown in the *.DOM file is
   used instead.

Version 5.50 on 21 October 1995 (this version uses about 18K less memory).

 - Changed PTT Enable so that PTT is off during CW.
 - Fixed possible rutime 201 errors when name memory disable turned off.
 - Fixed UA9 showing up in europe for IARU contest.
 - Allowed install program to put files in any directory.
 - Name database and .CTY files can be anywhere PATH points.
 - Fixed garbage in remaining mult window when name meory disable off.

 - Added LITERAL DOMESTIC QTH flag.  When TRUE, it will show domestic mults
   the way the operator typed them in.  When FALSE, they are filtered and
   anways shown the same way.


   This controls how the remaining mult display works for domestic multiplers.

   WYSIWYG.  Domestic mult templates are now .DOM files.  See 5.50 manual
   for more details on how to create one of these files.

 - Fixed club calls for S5.

 - Added SHOW SEARCH AND POUNCE.  Puts $ after each S&P QSO.