Dupe call display problem

Jim Larson kk7a@micron.net
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 20:40:53 -0600

    This is another try at describing a problem I have seen with TR.  It =
has to do with the internal "dupe sheet" not working correctly.  Please =
do the following and you will see the problem:

1. Start TR with an empty directory so the log files will be created =
from scratch.  CQWW was the contest I chose.
2. Enter N6TM as the call and complete the QSO so it is written to the =
3. Type N6T and you will see in red letters in the check partial line =
4. Finish out the call with an X and complete the QSO.
5. You now have N6TM and N6TX in the log.
6. Press ALT-E and edit the last entered call from N6TX to N6TR.
7. Save the change by pressing ESC.
8. Type N6T and you will see in red <N6TM> and <N6TX>.

The problem... Where is N6TR in the check partial display and why is =
N6TX still there?  This has annoyed me for the start, but I guess not =
enough to type out a line by line instruction sheet on how to make it =

Let me know.