Larry Tyree tree@lady.axian.com
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 09:15:55 -0700 (PDT)

I forgot to change the version number when the program comes up to 5.78.

One person mentioned the time/date was the same as 5.77, but I don't
think I sent out the wrong thing.  

File sizes should be:

ALL578.ZIP - 412146
TR.EXE - 232192
TR.OVR - 230581
POST.EXE - 208800
POST.OVR - 155228

Version 5.77 files were:

ALL577.ZIP - 417756
TR.EXE - 232176
TR.OVR - 230304
POST.EXE - 202320
POST.OVR - 155282

The bug George has seen in post can stil happen.  It occurs when adding
a file to the database, but I haven't seen it here.  It must be some
combination of directories (ie: being logged into one and using 
TRMASTER.DTA in another).  It isn't mission critical for the Sprint.

Also, some strange behavior in WIN-95 seems to be happening.  Please
run with DOS.  Mayabe someday we will figure out why this is happening.