KN5H counted as "NM Mex"?
Tue, 10 Sep 96 15:05:49 est


I didn't get either of the oddities you described.  I'm pretty sure I
was using 5.73 (possibly 5.75, but most likely 5.73 -- I'll check).

>From KN5H I typed in "NM," and that's what TRLog recorded.

>From XE1/AA6RX I got "MX," which TRLog turned into "XE."

Nothing funny about counting of multipliers (just not enough of 'em!).

In a couple of the summary sheets from TRLog that were posted, the
number in the Points column was smaller than the number in the Valid
QSOs column.  Would someone please explain how this happens?  Thanks.

Dave, K8JLF