RE decoding TRLOG 5.80

Wilf Barby
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 22:48:47 -0700

Just for the record..I used Wincode 2.2 and found no problem with any of 
Tree's messages, 5.7x to 5.80. Ver 5.80 seems to have worked out much better 
for me. I had trouble with the QTC function in the contest today, but when 
I smartened up and turned off the simulator was 
dandy!! Haven't tried the Sprint contest yet. TRMASTER.dta seems to work fine least it took all my names and didn't miss any. I don't know about the
sort routine though, I don't think the calls were sorted completely..some
one else commented on that, what did I do wrong?? Great work Tree!! 73,