Dave Henderson
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 01:36:49 -0700

As a few of you who tried my attempt at a LOGCFG and .DOM file for the 
Washington SAlmon RUN last weekend know there were some "bugs". With Tree's 
help I have since ironed them out. If you would like a clean copy of a set of 
files that work for this contest drop me an E-mail. At worst you can use them 
as a template for "rolling your own" in a future contest. This is for the "In 
state" version only. I think that the  "out of state" version worked OK but 
no one has sent me any info one  way or the other.

TRLog continues to amaze me in its adaptability. For appliance operators in 
standard contests its a no brainer, for those of us who like to taylor things 
to our specific needs the program is the best and continues to get better.

N0DH/7 (but not for long)