new sections, prefixes

Larry Tyree
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 19:47:58 -0700 (PDT)

N8EA writes:

> I am getting ready to purchase TR and wonder if it includes the newest
> Canadian and other prefixes, countries etc. Can they be easily added by
> updating a data file ? 

I think all the funny prefixes are supported, but as George said, TR
uses the same exact .CTY files CT uses and can be edited quite easily.
The domestic files for sections and providences are also easily updated
if changes occur.

> Also, based on your expertise on interfacing
> the program to various radios, which radio/radio company has the best
> interface regarding contesting such as RIT and other controls from the 
> keyboard ?

Kenwood is the best because of the RIT support.  The Yaesu interface
has RIT commands, but they don't work and despite efforts by K7JA,
Japan doesn't seem interested in fixing them.  The VFO can be 
controlled with the Yaesu (tuning mode), but not Icom or Ten-Tec.
All radios have direct frequency input, band change, mode change and
frequency displayed supporting the band map.  

The JST radios are going to be supported in the next version.

> I currently have a FT1000D - what can be done from the keyboard ?

If in Search and Pounce mode, you can tune the VFO.  You can type a
frequency into the call window and have the radio QSY.  You can pick
a band map or packet spot and QSY to that frequency and you can change
bands or mode.

Oh, I think the RIT clear might work on the Yaesu radios, but it was
a long time ago when I had that 990 in the shack and I forget.

Tree N?TR