Beam Headings

Jim Larson
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:39:12 -0600

It would be nice if all you had to do was enter your own lat/long into =
TR and have it calculate beam headings on the fly.  What do you think =

	Jim - KK7A

From: 	Kirk Pickering[]
Sent: 	Wednesday, September 25, 1996 11:01 PM
Subject: 	Beam Headings

How do you seasoned TRLoggers generate your beam heading files?

I have DXBase which I use for awards tracking.  It calculates the
beam heading from the prefix during the logging process.  It does
not however, have a routine which can generate an ASCII file of the
headings.  I could enter each prefix manually in the logging module
and record the heading to generate a file, but htere has got to be
a better way.

Thanks for any tips. =20

Kirk WR3O