[TRLog] CQWW CW problem

Jim Leahy jleahy@norwich.net
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 06:20:27 -0500

I began the contest as I always do, booting my Win95 computer to DOS, and
firing up version 6.17 TRlog. I noticed I only had 63k of memory available.
It quickly went down to 38k, 19k etc. after very few QSOs. I then received a
runtime error 103. So I closed down, and booted up to the previous version
of DOS (F8 at boot) which was 5.0. I started up TRlog again, and still had
little memory available. After a few QSOs my computer locked up. I reset,
previous DOS again (5.0), started up TRlog and received runtime 002 (or
003), I forget. So, I decided to run TRlog in a DOS window in Win95. I now
had mega memory (163k), no lock-ups, and flawless operation, except for some
funky sounding cw as Win95 was tasking a couple times.

I have disabled my autoexec.bat file as Win95  handles things without it.
The only active statements in my config.sys are:

Any ideas why the problems? I usually run TR restarting the computer in DOS
with no problems.

Jim Leahy   K2JL

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