[TRLog] Interesting CW Technique

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 17:07:35 -0800 (PST)

> I think we are on to a good idea here.  I like the page-up
> and down at 3 wpm but there are times when a smaller increment
> would suit my needs better.  However, I don't want to jump to
> set another parameter and then do the page-up or down, it's too
> many keystrokes.  How about a fine tune version of the page-up
> and down that would move it 1 wpm.  Could this be done with 
> a shift-page-up or down? 

You guys are serious about this...

I am not sure shift-page-up or shift-page-down are the best choices,
since pressing the shift key activates the QSY or RIT functions for 
some people.

Probably the best choice would be a function-key message command
that allows you to change your code speed in either incremental
or absolute terms.

So, there will be a new CW MESSAGE command called SPEED in the next
version (I just added it).  You can do SPEED## where ## indicates
your CW speed, or SPEED+ to increment you CW speed by 1 WPM, or
SPEED- to decrement by one WPM.  You can have more than one plus
or minus if you want the increment to be more.

CW MESSAGE commands work by putting them in a function key message
with a control-C in front of them and a control-d after them.  You
can program control charaters while using the Alt-P command by
pressing first control-P and then control-c (or d).  They are covered
in the manual (section 4).  There are now about a dozen different

By putting messages like SPPED+ in your CQ EXCHANGE and SPEED25 in
your CQ MESSAGE, you should be able to get the "increasing speed"
effect mentioned earlier.


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