[TRLog] Radio Hookup

David Yanke n9ssg@pobox.com
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:26:41 -0500

Gather 'round and here what Thomas Johnson had to say at 16:18 on 15 Dec 97

> I noticed that I will need the IF232 to hook up my computer (and TR)
> to the Kenwood 850.
> Do I need to buy this if 232 or can I build one cheaper, or what are
> my alternatives? Plus, I have the same problem with the Yaesu FT990
> Thanks, Tom K9KJ

I believe Dennis, the author of LOGic!, offers one on his page for 
about $50.  http://www.hosenose.com . Obtaining a IF232 is getting 
tough. I know you additionaly need the chips installed on a TS940 to 
use the 232, I'm not sure if this is a requirement with the 850 tho.

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