Icom Radio Inteface & Re: [TRLog] Radio Hookup

Lee Hiers, AA4GA aa4ga@contesting.com
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 02:45:58 +0000

On 15 Dec 97, Bob Wolbert wrote:

> The only Yaesu that has ever interested me is the FT1000MP, which has a
> real serial port--no interface required. I am not sure, but believe some
> Yaesus have a TTL-level serial interface, so the Kenwood interface might
> do the trick--assuming you get the radio end pin-out correct. 

I got a DX Solutions box for my Kenwood TS440 at Dayton a few years 
back.  In the documentation, I think I remember seeing that the same 
box was used with either Kenwood or Yaesu with some internal jumpers 
being used to select the radio type...or maybe it was a different 
cable.  Anyway, I think the level conversion required is probably the 
same, but the radio pinout is different.


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