[TRLog] V6.18 and NONSSB in 10 Meter Test

Henk Remijn hremijn@zeelandnet.nl
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 08:36:16 +0100

ehayes@vnet.IBM.COM wrote:
> Just wondered if anyone else had any of their contacts logged
> as NONSSB in the band column?  This only happened 3 or 4 times
> and is easy to fix during a post contest edit of the log.dat
> file.  Did I do something wrong to cause this?
> All of these contacts were when I was in the ssb portion of
> the band.  None of my cw contacts showed up this way.
> Wayne  AJ5M  ehayes@vnet.ibm.com
> --
We had this during CQWW. Due to some RFI the band changed to 2m, and
that frequency was not allowed in the CQWW.
Maybe you had the same problem.

73, Henk

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