[TRLog] Scoring contests with trlog

Rick Bullon kc5ajx@hotmail.com
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 03:16:38 GMT

Hello all
  I'm new to the reflector but I have a question about using Trlog to 
score my contest logs.
 I have to score my loggs after the contest because I don't have a 
computer in the shack yet ( heard computer prices are fixing to really 
drop so I'm waiting for that. report said prices should drop 40 to 50 % 
ie a $1000.00 computewr will cost arround $500 to $600 dollars after the 
price drop) 
 The problem I have is when I go to the post function oin Trlog it 
throws out have my QSO's ie in the CQWW contest I had 69 contacts (I'm a 
very little gun) but when I tried to score with trlog it only scored 39 
contacts. All the contacts were valid it seems to have just stopped at 
39 contacts. I had to finsh the scoring by hand. It did give the points 
for all the contacts at first and all the multi's but it didn't figure 
it in the final score.
 I'm using the public domain version so I fell tha t I should bother 
Tree or George with this problem. Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing 

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