[TRLog] ft-920

george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 11:33:40 -0600 (CST)

Craig R. Cook writes:
>I am having a little prob with the FT-920. All the rig interface features 
>seem to work, except for the shift keys. They do not qsy the radio in s&p 
>mode, they do not work the rit in cq mode. I tried several different 
>contests, and made sure shift enable was set to on. It seems that it would 
>be possible, the rit is not a pot or anything. 

The problem (unless they fixed it in the 920) is that Yaesu does
not have commands to do this easily.  In the kenwood 
command set there are VFO and RIT "bump" commands.  
They change the VFO/RIT frequency much like it does
when you push the up/down buttons on the microphone. 

Yaesu does not have such a command - you can send the 
VFO or RIT to a frequency but the commands to do this 
are very long and it would take way too much time 
to send the command and have the radio move - in other 
words you would all be complaining about how sluggish
the VFO and RIT controls are with TR. 


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