[TRLog] Field Day multipliers

Tom Schaefer TomSh@firsthealth.com
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 11:03:44 -0700

I did not see a reply to this inquiry I sent a few weeks back, but I may
have missed it. Is there anyway to have TR not count the multipliers in
the score? I have set the option to score ONE PHONE TWO CW, but I
would like to eliminate the multipliers/section stuff as this does not apply
during Field Day. I realize this is fairly useless since the score changes
based on class, and power, but it does make the QSO side of the FD
score more accurate. Heck, the program could even have an option for
the class and power to figure it out even closer.

Thanks again,

Tom NY4I
FIeld Day W7SP 2A UT

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