[TRLog] Re; Icom radio address

Igor Sokolov igor@sokol.pssr.e-burg.su
Tue, 13 May 1997 16:47:19 +0600 (MSD)

>Hello, fellow TR users,
>Some of S5 TR users purchased Radio Interface I'm manufacturing, (mostly
>for Icom radios), but nobody knows receiver addresses for IC-775 and for
>IC-756. I'd be grateful for any information. TIA!
>73 de Mirko, S57AD
It is easier to set up address in IC-775 via the menu. Use the default
address set in TR. The problem is that TR address is base 10 and I think
Icom address is base 16. That is all pretty clear in TR manual v 5.97
We have 2 IC-775DSP here in the city and so far no problems were
reported. Very good rig for contesting. I only wish the audio from two
receivers would be split into two different earphones with ajustable
Best regards,
Igor Sokolov,  UA9CDC , (N3TOD)
E-mail: igor@sokol.pssr.e-burg.su
Phone/Fax: 3432 229621

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