[TRLog] Kid's day rules

LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc larrytx@co.intel.com
Wed, 14 May 1997 08:33:24 -0700 (PDT)

Some people asked for these, and they weren't on my "evening" machine,
but my work machine:

                      Kid's Day Operating Event
               Sponsored by the Boring Amateur Radio Club

1. Purpose: The Kid's Day Operating Event is intended to encourage 
   activity by younger people (licensed or not) using Amateur Radio.
   The goal is give unlicensed young people some hands-on experience
   on-the-air, so they might develop an interest in pursuing a license
   in the future.  It is also intended to give hams a chance to share
   their station with their children.

2. Dates: 21 June 1997 and 3 January 1998.  

3. Time: 1800Z to 2400Z.  No limit on operating time.

4. Suggested exchange: Name, age, location and favorite color.  You
   are encouraged to work the same station again if either operator
   has changed.  Call "CQ KIDS DAY".

5. Suggested Frequencies: 14270 to 14300 kHz and 7200 to 7250 kHz.
   Be sure to observe third party traffic restrictions when making DX
6. Reporting: Logs, comments and funny stories may be posted via the
   internet to kids@contesting.com.  You may review these postings by
   visiting http://www.contesting.com/kids/ with your web browser.  

   Those without internet access may forward their comments to the 
   Boring Amateur Radio Club and they will be posted for them.  A 
   summary of the postings will also be sent with your participation

7. Awards: All participants are eligible to receive a colorful certificate.
   Send a 9 x 12 sized SASE to the Boring Amateur Radio Club; 15125 SE 
   Bartell Road; Boring, Oregon 97009.  

8. More details may be obtained from the Boring Amateur Radio Club
   at the above address or at http://www.jzap.com/k7rat/.

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