[TRLog] Back from Dayton

Larry Tyree n6tr@teleport.com
Mon, 19 May 1997 06:37:34 -0700 (PDT)

Wow - what a weekend!  The TR booth received a lot of attention and it
was all George and I could do to keep up at times.  I don't have all
the numbers from George, but it was obvious by the dwindling pile of
manuals and disks that we were doing well.

We were close enough to the CT booth that we could throw wadded up
receipts from the tee shirts sales at them.  

It is obvious that we will need to do this yearly now.

The BBS was crashed when I got home - looks like a power glitch confused
during a reboot from a power failure.  At any rate, it is back up now if
you were trying to get into it.

I have a list of some good ideas people came up with and will be working
to add these in the upcoming releases.

It was also obvious that we need to do some advertising to correct some
out-dated or just incorrect perceptions about TR.  We heard a lot of 
people say things like: "I hear it is really hard to use" - "You don't
have a band map" - "I want the SCP feature".  Even some die hard
CT users started getting interested when I demonstrated how you can 
work guys without moving your palms.  The seeds have been planted in 
many people's minds, and perhaps they will be ready for assimilation
next year - "Resistance is futile".

73 Tree

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