[TRLog] Version 6.02

Larry Tyree n6tr@teleport.com
Mon, 26 May 1997 11:58:22 -0700 (PDT)

Version 6.02 has been sent to the update list and is on the BBS.  I finally
got around to putting the 6.01 manual on the BBS - sorry it took so long.

You can also get the manual via anonymous ftp to jzap.com in the pub/n6tr

One thing I noticed in the manual that is misleading.  In Section 4.2 
(Programming CW Messages), some of the items listed also work if you 
are in SSB.  This includes the Control-A, Control-B, Control-C and 
Control-D commands.  This means the new function key command LASTCQFREQ
can be used for both CW and SSB modes.  You do have to program it twice
however, once in the CW memory and again in the SSB memory. 

I will make this more clear in the next release of the manual.  

Here is the read.me file for this version:

          Release notes for TR Logging Program - Version 6.02
                               26 May 1997

Version 6.02 - Released 26 May 1997

 - When using F1 or F2 to call CQ with (regardless of mode), the program
   will remember the frequency you are calling CQ on (requires interfaced
   radio).  If you go off to work a station on a different frequency
   (i.e. by grabbing an entry from the band map), you can now return to
   your run frequency using one of two methods:

   1. Use the function key command LASTCQFREQ.  To enter a function key
   command, put a Control-C in the function key message, then the command,
   followed by a Control-D.  You can enter control characters while using
   the Alt-P command by preceding them with a Control-P.

   2. Use the external footswitch and set the FOOT SWITCH MODE to LASTCQFREQ.

 - TR now uses its own serial port initialization routines.  This has at
   least two advantages.  First, if your BIOS doesn't recognize your
   serial port, TR will still try to initialize it.  Secondly, TR now
   turns on both RTS and DTR signals which is the more "proper" thing
   to do.  However, if you also assign the serial port as a CW output
   port, the signals will be used for CW and PTT instead.

 - If you called a station in Search and Pounce by entering his call and
   pressing RETURN, the band map entry was not correct until you finished
   the QSO.  This has been fixed.

 - If you started up the program wihtout a LOGCFG.DAT file, some of the
   contest selctions would not work correctly.  This has been fixed.

 - In the last version, I tried to speed up the search and pounce mode
   by logging the QSO after the display has been updated.  This worked
   okay except some of the info on the screen was then one QSO behind.
   I went back to logging the QSO and then refreshing the displays.

   These allow you to slow down how often the program goes to the radio and
   asks for its frequency.

Version 6.01 - Released 12 May 1997

 - Added INTERNET SIX contest.

 - Enhanced questions at start of program if no LOGCFG.DAT file found.

 - Added INTERCOM FILE ENABLE - interstation talk messages to INTERCOM.TXT.

 - Added IOPort startup (not in 6.01 manual).  This lets you poke/peek IO
   ports for debugging purposes.

 - Added support for a foot switch to be connected to pin 15 of an LPT
   port.  Use FOOT SWITCH PORT to tell the program which port is being
   used (1, 2, or 3).  Use FOOT SWITCH MODE to select what happens when
   you press the footswitch:

     DISABLED:    Nothing happens.
     NORMAL:      Normal PTT action on the active radio.
     QSO NORMAL:  Like hitting RETURN to move a QSO to the next step.
     QSO QUICK:   Same as QSO NORMAL, except uses QUICK QSL MESSAGE.
     SWAP RADIOS: Like pressing Alt-R.

 - Fixed POST Q C. Was rewritting NAMES.NEW each time instead of appending.

 - Fixed not calling portables by name in SayName (was okay in SayHello).

 - Fixed not having access to USER4 and USER5 for updates.

 - Cleaned up a lot of the packet stuff.

Version 6.00 - Released 14 April 1997

 - Added RST AND CONTINENT exchange for the SOUTH AMERICAN WW contest.
   This contest has also been updated with new rules.

 - Added TEXAS QSO PARTY.  Use MY STATE = TEX before the CONTEST statement
   if you are in Texas.  TEXAS.DOM gets used if you are outside of Texas,
   and TEXASTX.DOM gets used if you are in Texas.  Some cleanup of these
   files has been done.  Also, you will need to count the state of Texas
   yourself if you are in Texas.

 - Added DVP PATH logcfg command + control J.  Use this instead of putting
   SET DVPPATH in your AUTOEXEC file.  Example: DVP PATH = D:\

 - Fixed bug with auto SCP and using AUTO SEND cw.  When you press the
   letter of the callsign that starts the CW, the SCP display would not
   update until you pressed another letter.  This is now fixed.

 - Fixed not saying hello to portable stations.

 - By rearranging some of the procedures used during logging of a
   QSO, the display now updates much faster than before.  This should
   really help those with slow disks or computers.

 - When callign station with RETURN in S&P - it is now added to bandmap.

 - When in S&P and you change a call in the exchange - the bandmap &
   station info now get updated with the new call.

 - Fixed display formating problem in Auto CQ if time >= 10 seconds.

 - Made CQ entries in band map show up when using DVK.

 - Made BROADCAST ALL PACKET DATA not do anything if no network port.
   This fixes a very bad bug if you tried to use the packet port without
   a network.

 - Fixed SLASH MARK CHARACTER -> CHAR from Control-J into LOGCFG.DAT file.

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